Marquis Déjà Dû (marquisdd) wrote,
Marquis Déjà Dû


Complete the solipsistic sentence: "I…"

…worry about aging, but not about my own mortality. Kinda looking forward to it. Seems peaceful.

…am OCD enough to select where I step to miss sidewalk cracks or choose specific bits of patterned carpets, but not OCD enough to clean the coffee table.

…firmly believe that bananas are the devil's phallus, and walnuts are the devil's gonads. I will never eat either.

…am lonely in a crowd.

…lose sexual interest in a prospective lay if it comes to my attention that he doesn't know how to use apostrophes correctly.

…am forgetful, but loyal. (Applicable to names and faces.)

…am agnostic in religion, the zodiac, and the paranormal. The brazen, self-centered audacity of people claiming to "know" anything along these lines (pro or con) is offensive to me.

…having said that, I believe everyone should find their spiritual bliss in whatever manner it may manifest to them, even if I think it's super silly. I draw the line at proselytizing/recruiting/going on a mission. That's just bad form.

…say goodnight to my cat's grave in the backyard every night before I go to bed.

…love to travel, but love coming home to New Orleans even more than being away.

…can make a living doing what I don't like, or go broke doing what I love. Working on fixing that.

…have changed since Katrina, and I do not like the person I have become.

…don't find any æstheic problem with putting a few ice cubes in a glass of white wine.

…have never had sex with a black person.

…am not racist nor a snob. I'm a classist. If you don't have any, fücken-sie auf.

…enjoy the company of persons, but rarely people. The plurality of a crowd is repellent. (See above.)

…have hit my quota for friends. The only new friends I will accept must have a wikipedia page dedicated to them.

…am kidding about that last one.
Tags: meme, solipsism
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