Marquis Déjà Dû (marquisdd) wrote,
Marquis Déjà Dû

Layover Rap

Dallas Fort Worth—
If I'm not there,
You can find me at
Chicago O'Hare.

You can find me,
Just as likely
at ORD.

Whenever I go
From A to B
There's always a Chi,
or the Big D.
When I'm in Texas,
The girlies be screaming'.
In Illinois,
Bitches be creamin'.
TSA biddies,
Stop yer schemin'
Swarovski, Mont Blanc,
Wolfgang Puck,
McDonald's and Wendy's,
I don't give a (wick-wick-wickity-whack!)

'Cos when I hit the road,
Homey don't play.
Dallas and Chicago
Are in my way!

I go east coast, west coast,
London, Spain,
But first to Dallas
And the Skylink Train.

Bangkok, Sydney,
Amsterdam, Rome—
Chicago O'Hare
is my second home.
They know me by name,
They know me by face,
Dallas Fort Worth
Is a consecrated place. (Y'hurd?)

All you bullshit MC's
You best beware,
'Cos I rock da house
at Chicago O'Hare!

Sleepin' on da marble,
Sleepin' on da flo',
Daytime, nighttime,
I'm a layovah ho'!

I can never feel
Like I've arrived
Unless Dallas and Chicago
I've espied. (Whut!)

The days I've wasted,
The nights burned away
at Chicago and Dallas
(and JFK).

Atlanta, Miami,
I tip my hat,
but Dallas and Chicago
Is where I'm at. (Yo. Yo.)

So if ever you pass
Through these two airports,
Your'e sure to find me
Sittin' in some janitor's closet because it's the only place a wigga can find a plug for da computer and phone yo, bruised junk in da trunk from da hard floor, eyes puffy and blackened from lack of sleep, soporific, a surfeit of corybantic paroxysms of ennui yo, and face slack and numb from the fistfuls of painkillers I've no doubt eaten like they were Skittles because it's the only way to cope with the invasive procedures of the TSA cunts, yo!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: what what in the butt?
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