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It’s · not · the · fall · that · kills · you, · but · the · sudden · stop.

Sympathy Pains

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Last night was a bit rough. Worked at The Saint till midnight, and stretched my poisonous evening out a bit longer than it really called for.

In a brave effort to quash this hangover, I thought a good idea might be to bike up to scottynola's book signing by Commander's Palace instead of drive.

The ride was pleasant and uneventful, if a bit bloody hot. (L'éte, elle est arrivée enfin!)

Parked my bike. Locked it. Then began this brief text exchange with docbrite

Me: On my way to Greg's book signing/discussion at Gard Dist. Books at 1.

PZB: I'll be there but prob closer to 2. Feeling kinda crappy today. Not pain, just sick to my stomach. :-P

Me: Ugh. Okay. See ya in a bit.

I hit 'send' on that last one, paused on the sidewalk, felt extreme salivation in my mouth that portends odious things to come, leaned into some handy bushes, and puked up the glass of water I had before leaving the house. It should be noted that four seconds earlier, I was feeling perfectly fine.

Me: Dude! Fucking bizarre! I felt totally fine biking Uptown. I read your txt, responded, then leaned into a bush and threw up. Sympathetic nausea? WTF?! Creepy.

PZB: Holy shit! Sorry! You can come over & lie down if you need to.

Me: No, it's done now. Brief & sudden. I attribute it to the heat, exercise, & the hangover.

PZB: That'll do it.

Of course what I really attribute it to is this new iPhone app the good Doc must have acquired that uploads illnesses via text messaging, and I imagine alleviating the sender from said illnesses. Well-played, Doc!

Where did you GET that app?
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New Orleans, LA
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On May 22nd, 2010 11:41 pm (UTC), scottynola commented:
I'm giving Scotty that App in the next one....
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On May 31st, 2010 05:00 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Just a thought...
is it possible that you are experiencing symptoms from toxic fumes coming from the belching oil rig? I have read posts of the sudden onset of similar symptoms from as far away as FL... someone has even posted a chart showing methane gas and the area it is drifting to...
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