Marquis Déjà Dû (marquisdd) wrote,
Marquis Déjà Dû

Impromptu Aforethought

I apologize for not posting new music in … well, it seems like ages. I haven't been focusing on piano lately. I mean, yah, I've still been playing, but haven't felt up to struggling with monster pieces that stretch my wee skillz to the point of discomfort. You see, ordinarily, I'm a masochist when it comes to choosing new pieces to play. Lately I've been skittish and easily startled like a squirrel.

Here's one, however, that I've been fiddling with for a few months. My cousin's boyfriend Stefan came to town, and I went to lunch with him. He is an accomplished musician in his own rite, and after lunch we came back to Manderley where he played a bit of Schubert's Impromptu in Ab. I hadn't heard this piece in twenty years and it brought back happy memories. I had almost forgotten it existed.

I found the sheet music and began stabbing at it after he left, not thinking I'd actually get through it, but something in it kept me coming back for more punishment.

Perhaps it is the intricate fingering necessary to execute those rapid descending arpeggios, or the monster-bang chords in the middle passage. Or just the sublimity of Schubert, who is, I may venture to say, my second favorite composer.

Whatever the case, when I sit at the piano, I find myself drawn to this Impromptu again and again. It's probably not quite ready to be recorded, so we'll call this my "take 1" attempt. You get the idea though.

Schubert — Impromptu No. 4 in A-flat major [6:54]

Enjoy. And I promise to make an attempt to record more new music in ZOIO, as no one is calling it yet.
Tags: classical, music, piano, schubert

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