December 16th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Paging Theoretical Loss, Please Come to the Reclaim Booth.

This weekend all the major pet rescue organizations are convening at the Garden District Hotel on St. Charles.

I went there today in the blind, senseless hope that I might be able to find Theo amongst their new arrivals, or stuck in between pages of an old book.

Best Friends. Humane Society. Pet Finder. All the big 'uns were represented, complete with fat binders of lost animals, description sheets, Polaroids.

I found Shelley, my 'case worker' from Tylertown, MS, who has taken such an active interest in Theo. It was dealing with her that I came so close to finding him, only to take home BFC1696 instead.

While waiting for a case worker, there was a slide show of new photos of pets not yet uploaded to the web. I saw BFC1697, BFC1696's 'sibling', a schizoid looking little Calico thing cowering in front of the camera.

I found a lot of Russian Blues that I hadn't seen before, but upon closer scrutiny, none was Theo.

Some friendly guy from showed me how to upload a shout-out and attach relevant photos, so perhaps whomever has Theo might come across my entry.

Fat chance. But ya gotta do everything, right?

God damned Katrina. I want my fucking cat back. Fuck. I'm a spoiled princess and I get what I want and what I want is Theo, out of whatever cage he's living in, and lolling like a little slut across the duvet.

I'm not going to say New Orleans sucks, but damn it can be sucky living here just at the moment.

Theo! If you're reading this, call me! I'm using exclamation points so you can hear me better! Meow-Meow, muthafuggah!