December 10th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

2005 MeMe Thang

First lines from first entries written these last twelve months. (I fudged it a bit and took the first line relating to whatever subject upon which of what to that I was discoursing upon of.)

This MeMe is actually kind of interesting, though probably more interesting for the author than any haphazard reader.
  • JANUARY: Good word, resolve. And I hereby resolve to re-solve the fantastic complexities of living a life. 2005 is going to be a helluva year (if this hangover will just kindly dissipate long enough for me to get on with it).

  • FEBRUARY: Sho 'nuff, muthafuckin' Charlie Bronson comes struttin' up my stairs and knocks on the 'apartment' that is actually the door from my foyer into the double parlour, the latter being turned into the 30s equivalent of a studio apartment. (The film was set in the Depression.)

  • MARCH: Love is… Picking up your friend from the airport who hauled a cheesesteak all the way from Gino's on 9th St. in South Philly for you.

  • APRIL: As I have already written an exhaustive, if not exhausting, account of a Caribbean cruise entitled Butt Pirates of the Caribbean, and as one cruise can very much resemble another qua shipmates, foodstuffs, etc., I shan't essay to scrive another weighty tome (as the kids are fond of saying) on the minutia of the last two weeks' journey.

  • MAY: Comp Hustling — [Being another chapter in my How To Gamble Like A Two-Bit-Chiseling-Little-Bitch story.]

  • JUNE: On Thursday I got me a sump pump and a wetvac and spent the day draining and cleaning the fish pond.

  • JULY: I understand that in the teeming metropolis of Minneapolis, they have constructed a statue on this site of that kicky career-girl, Mary Tyler Moore, throwing a bronze tam in the air to commemorate all the filming of her show that went on there.

  • AUGUST: Okay, so, first off, I had a lovely birthday night guest bartending with Martha at The Abbey. I even made a fancy-schmancy, shittily-taped-together poster.

  • SEPTEMBER: giggleminx just sent me this amazing satellite shot of New Orleans taken yesterday (31 Aug).

  • OCTOBER: Little weekend satellite trip to Hanmattan.

  • NOVEMBER: And merry, gin-soaked greetings to you, Angel-Puss, from the tropical, exotic, rain-soaked shores of the island of Roatán, Honduras, where the locals point and laugh at those with dyed hair, and internet is about 43,000,099 pesos per second. Or whatever the local currency is in Honduras. Fuck if I know. The US$ seems good enough for them.

  • DECEMBER: "What the fuck's a Roomba?"