December 6th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

New Toy (Oh-Way-Oh)

The night Genevieve came back to New Orleans, I went out drinking with her then brought her home to sleep.

At some point during the night she confessed, "When I'm at home, alone, in New York, I talk to my Roomba."

"What the fuck's a Roomba?"

She explained. Ben's eyes got wide. "I gotta get me one of dem!"

It came today. We hooked it up, charged the battery and let it go.

Go, Roomba, GO!

It's a robot, shaped like a little disc, about a foot across. It scootles around the room, Hoovering up cat hair, crumbs and things. It 'learns' the dimensions of a room and tries to go everywhere, scootling under tables, beds, chairs, sofas.

It seems pretty smart, actually. Designed by MIT's AI department, I suppose it oughta be.

And it's the most fun thing to watch. Scootling here. Zipping there. The cat is intrigued, and very wary.

Is it worth it for $150 clams? If it continues to work as it is now, no breaky-breaky, then hell ya.

So I'm never Hoovering the house again!

(Like I did so much in the past, right?)
I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Flood Washington

Join me in flooding Washington! Louisiana groups have launched an effort to generate 300,000 e-mails demanding category 5 protection for New Orleans and Southern Louisiana. That means effective levees and flood control projects as well as comprehensive coastal wetlands restoration to give Southern Louisiana a critical storm buffer. Please take a second to help spread the word!

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Katrina 15

If you live in New Orleans, you are undoubtably a victim of the Katrina 15, an epidemic that occurs when one is displaced from one's home town for two months, while one bides one's time nervously waiting to go home. The only thing to do is eat comfort food three times a day, and before you know it, the Katrina 15 won't let you buckle your pants comfortably any more.

I have three kinds of clothes. My Hideout/Rockstar/Glamboy/IggyPopPhysique items. My 'normal' items, and my fat clothes.

The normal items didn't fit two weeks ago. And the fat clothes were almost snug.

As of today, I've officially lost the Katrina 15. Normal clothes are mine again!

Ah, but my favorite stuff is in the former category, so I'll lose another 15 to fit into them again.

While I'm up.