November 23rd, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.


  1. Last night was Tuesday. I just realized. We never lost power. Everybody knows that if you live in the 9th Ward, you lose power for 12 to 23 hours on Tuesdays and Sundays. Right, ravencreature? Is this a sign things are getting better?
  2. Probably not. We lost cable (and thus internet) for two days. Hard to work when you rely on merging into the fast lane of the Information THOOPER-highway every day. So statistically, we are lacking a vital utility 80% of the time. Is this a sign that things fucking suck here?
  3. BFC1696 spent his first two days at his new home hidden behind the piano. Eventually, I shoved the piano further against the wall to 'encourage' more social behavior. (Um, no, he wasn't behind the piano at the time.) Now he lolls about on the sofa or futon, and purrs happily when pet. He's got a puffy, infected eye, however. We took him to the vet yesterday. Eye-goo ointment and ear mite meds. Poor little thing. He's on the mend though.
  4. A week or so ago I got on the scale (something I rarely do) and found I had hit the big Two-Oh. (Oh.) 200 lbs. is my fulcrum for What I Will Not Tolerate. And so I'm back on my Nazi diet of twigs and leaves until I'm down to 175 and can fit back into my Iggy Pop-shaped glam rockstar clothes. (Most of which have been waiting patiently in the back of the closet for just such an initiative for wheyyy too long now.) I've lost 6 lbs. already.
  5. Mailing things is hard. I had a stack of outgoing letters in my house and car for a week +. I finally drove to the THOOPER-dome to my zip code's makeshift tent of a post office, mailed my shit, and axed da lady, "Yo, where else, besides this side of Canal, may one mail a letter?" The answer was, "No where." Is this a sign that things are really fucking annoying and unnecessarily complicated around here?
  6. Oh yes, and happiest of happy berfdays to changingthesky. Doing it up big, Texas-style!