November 10th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

My Pal Foot Foot

Theo escaped the house when Ben and Pamela were evacuating (what seems like) 127 months ago. Not too much to worry about; he's mostly an outdoorsy kinda cat, and quite the scrappy little killer when he wants to be. I wasn't too worried about his survival skills.

But the fact remains, we haven't seen him since before the hurricane.

He just showed up one day while I was sitting on the back steps drinking coffee. Bounding out of the clear blue, as it were, and onto my lap, this fuzzy little grey kitten who didn't seem to want anything but some lovin'. I gave him food. He sniffed it, had a kibble, but it was really the lovin' he was afta.

I introduced him to Ben. Ben fell in love with him and Theo became his Number One. He had other names. Mouse. Killer. Scrappy Little Boy Thing. But Theo was his name, prophetically short for 'Theoretical Loss', a work term of ours.

"I want Theo back," is Ben's daily mantra. "He was my favorite." This rudely supercedes Peeper, whom he's had for, like, twelve years or something, but who is kinda a dumbshit of a cat, and not much fun. (She's really just a Pee'er.)

For instance, Peeper would never do this (unless she was up there to pee on the machine):

So I hereby invoke the great powers of Foot Foot, Patron Saint of (double-amputee) Lost Cats, as brought into existence by the inimitable Shaggs, in an effort to reclaim that little fuzzy killer monster love-bucket kitty thing, Theo.

Perhaps if everyone in the world (or at least people reading this) downloads the mp3 and plays it simultaneously, the great, global cacophany of the Shaggs' original invocation will bring our beast back to us.

Play it loud, now. It is rock-n-roll. Sorta.

My Pal Foot Foot (m4a, 2.8mb)
If Foot Foot didn't like to roam so well
he would still have a place to dwell.
Foot Foot, please answer me.
I know where you are,
you're behind that tree.
I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

You Need MeMe?

As pilfered from docbrite, google (with quotes) "your first name needs" and see what pops up.
  • However, the Marquis needs a new toy to play with, and he requires Madelaine's help in luring it to him.
  • The Marquis needs his wife dead so he can inherit her wealth.
  • The marquis needs work and rather than being stuck on the side wall, it would be much more impressive and keeping with the theatrical style if it protruded from the front of the building.
  • Very floriferous, the Marquis needs a sheltered position and protection from intense sunlight.
  • The Marquis needs restraining My Lady!
  • The Marquis needs medication, but he seems sane.
  • The Marquis needs assistance of four men just to drink hot chocolate.

  • Based upon Todd's needs and their architect's specifications, the original construction bids were more than $200,000 over budget.
  • Todd needs to get ROCKED!
  • Todd needs all kinds of loving.
  • After plastic surgery goes awry, Todd needs somewhere to hide away for a few months while his scars heal.
  • Sometimes Todd needs, as any director does, some support.
  • Todd needs your love gift and you need what the Seed of Faith can give you; RICHES!
  • Todd needs to go back to the f**king pond he hopped out of, and leave you out of it. You dig?
  • Todd needs to be on a short leash for a long time for this one.
  • An adoptive family for Todd needs to understand how loss and grief affect some children.