October 10th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

I Left My Heart...

Buenos Noches de San Francisco.

Oh yes, I'm in California. And I couldn't be less thrilled.

With the important exception of hanging out with Winifred and blastmilk and husband and seeing a few, warmfuzzy friends, I am otherwise having a difficult time holding down the inevitable bile that is forever arise in my throat when I find myself in this state.

Everywhere we go we are followed by Patchouli smells and the distant, yet not-distant-enough, sounds of a drum circle.

I realize I'm overly-cranky about this place, and maybe it isn't the cultural desert which I feel it to be, but I am antsy-pantsy, and sick of P.C. talk and Green agendas. I want to walk into the nearest bar, light up a contraband cigarette, and announce loudly, "VOTE REPUBLICAN!" just to stir some shit up.

I'm behaving myself (outwardly) for Ben's sake.

Aren't I nice.

Well, no, I suppose I'm not. But that's my allure, innit.

Come help me drink away the nonsense of this place on Wednesday. See earlier post for time and location.

Bah. Humbuggery.