October 7th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

A Jaunty Little Jaunt

Off to San Francisco in about two seconds.

A week there, staying with blastmilk and Winifred.

If you're in SF, don't forget, this Wednesday the 12th, 6pm, Amboeba, 14th St. between Church and Sanchez. Bring an extra liver.

After that, a few nights in Lake Tahoe, because it's nearby and gorgeous.

Then, a few nights in Vegas, because we're treated like rockstarz, and that's the way the world should work.

Then back to 'home base' in Pennsylvania.

Perhaps by then, New Orleans will be functional again and we can drive home.

This is an exciting trip we're commencing. So many wonderful people to see and fabulous food to eat.

And all I wanna do is go home.

T-minus-Percoset in 35 minutes.

Ta, whoosh, and vroom.