September 23rd, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

blastmilk is the Rawkinest

Going a bit stir-crazy out here in the country. Trying to find tasks that justify existence. Picking up the Reverend on the 4:05 train is a great way to kill 20 minutes.

Michele and I went on a vigorous, healthy walk yesterday. Which lasted fifteen minutes until we found a bar. It was 2pm. We were the only ones in there. GOD I miss New Orleans!

We finished our healthy, vigorous drinking and walked to Wawa and bought Skittles for Ben. Ben loves Skittles. It's like we had a mission. A point to the day. Walking home, I looked in the bag with Skittles, Sweet Tarts and Butterscotch Crimpets (mmmm—TaskyCakes!) and kinda laugh-sobbed to Michele, "Doesn't life seem totally purposeless right about now?"

This morning we had a welcome moment of absolute levity when I found a box from Kallisti on the front porch.

I summoned everyone downstairs and we opened the care-pak. Since we're homeless refugees, even the packing plastic was appreciated as it makes a bee-yoo-tee-full shawl!

There was a pretty book, some 50s gay porn, some beefy treats for kitties, a bottle of "Special Candy" for me (thank you GORGEOUS!), some little bat-about mousies, and the star of the show, a catnip filled dolly of our illustrious President.

Life may still be pointless, but at least we can watch the cats bite and scratch the guts out of Evil Monkey Man, then toss him carelessly under a bureau where he belongs.