September 5th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Cat Update

A lot of you are being extremely emotionally supportive as I wonder about the fate of my widdle-fwuffy-kitty-witties. (Or, "cats", to the cutsie-wootsie-impaired.)

I just spoke directly with a woman in the SPCA who was driving around New Orleans. She couldn't jot down my info (as she was driving) but asked me to email her directly.

When I told her my house was standing, on dry land, and had a clear path from downtown/F.Q., she sounded rather excited about that. I imagine most of the baffling number of calls they're receiving are for deeply flooded neighborhoods.

I translate her excitement as: easy job gets done earlier.

Feeling much better about the situation.

You guys are great for the virtual pep rally that's been going on all week.

xo, Todd