August 20th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.


DAY 1:
  • London Luton Airport is nowhere near London. More like Manchester. Don't use it.
  • EasyJet is anything but Easy. Don't use it.
  • Despite a two page email detailing exactly how to get from Schiphol Airport to our destination, Dutch trains are incredibly difficult to navigate.
  • Picked up by cousin Eric's incredible girlfriend Nicole, and taken to her family's gorgeous country estate, past meandering canals and stoic windmills.
  • Actual 100% relaxation for the first time since leaving New Orleans. Reading books in the garden. Petting the horses and dogs. Yah, I touched a dog. Willingly.
  • The friendliness and hospitality of Nicole & Family leaves me speechless, and quite, quite smitten.
  • Dutch seems a difficult language, until you say things out slowly and phoenetically, and which point it sorta resembles pidgin english.
  • Staying up till 4am in the kitchen with Nicole's family, drinking weird cordials and feeling the bustle of previous cities wash away.
  • Sleep in actual bed.

DAY 2:
  • Train to Amsterdam with Nicole and brother Phil.
  • Emerge at Waterlooplein.
  • Also stayed in London near a Waterloo.
  • ABBA stuck in my head.
  • "Vatterlowplane." The cooing of Pidgin.
  • Pulling wobbly luggage over cobbles on the way to our Hotel Amstlezicht, nearly crying for the beautyof the Amstel River and the Canals.
  • Till now, staying with friends, both for the social opportunities and the cashmoney aspect. Hotel of €140/night seems reckless yet fantastic.
  • Wander the streets with Nicole & Phil. Lunch at a sandwichy shop. First good food since New Orleans.
  • (Love Britain. Hate the food.)
  • Beers and chatter in a dingy pub. Playing fruit machines. Losing.
  • A nap.
  • A tour of the Red Light Dist.
  • More sex shops that you can shake something phallic at.
  • Whores in little glass booths along the street. Look like pretty goldfish in bras.
  • Though eyecandylicious, a little too Bourbon Street for me.
  • Ferret out a gaybar, demurely named "Cockring."
  • Dance floor in basement. Porn bar on first floor. Treehouse jack-shacks in the attic.
  • Ordering absinthe in a bar. Having it prepared properly.
  • On the way home, buying chocolate-dipped waffles and sourdough hot dogs. Everything so delicious. So, so delicious.
  • Sleep.

DAY 3:
  • We'll just have to see now, won't we.