August 5th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Excerpt from an Email to Mom

> Here's a fun game to play.
> Next time you're watching Fox News or any
> Bush monologue, pretend it's 1955. Substitute
> "Communist," every time you hear the word,
> "Terrorist."
> Amounts to the same, duzznit!

Remind me again why we were forced to take history classes in high school if we're to ignore everything it teaches us?
I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Stolen from Umpty-Doodle People

Google your name in quotes with an "is" — ex.: "(your name) is" — pick your favorite ten responses and post them.

Yah, so I did 20. So sue me. It's my journal.

  1. Todd is known for saying, "Let's roll," just before taking on the terrorists.

  2. Todd is back on the ice, and currently doing some gentle stroking.

  3. Todd is totally the kewtest B2B member, he is such a God!

  4. Todd is cruelly abusive, to the surprise of Anthony.

  5. Todd is a Los Angeles-based Magician who specializes in fun and funny.

  6. Todd is the first to stand on the desk in respect for Keating.

  7. Todd is about him knowing where his body is and being comfortable in it.

  8. Todd is still in jail.

  9. Todd is just being a baby about this.

  10. Todd is on the left, again.

  11. Todd is showing them wonders they would never see otherwise.

  12. Todd is what would be known as a late bloomer

  13. Todd is more than a very successful millionaire businessman.

  14. Todd is a real cowboy with songs about life, wyoming and the west.

  15. My friend Todd is constantly scratching his balls.

  16. Todd is at peace, however, because, as he says, he knows it's all in God's hands.

  17. Todd is surely not, as one of his titles would have it, "Just Another Onionhead."

  18. Todd is clearly very thoughtless, but his intentions seem kindly and expressive.

  19. Todd is a classic example (though tragic for me personally) of what can happen.

  20. It's just that Todd is hopeless with marijuana.
I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

May I Do Two, Please?

God, this is much more fun that I would like to admit.

  1. The Marquis is not as alone as he is so often portrayed.

  2. The Marquis is fiftythree; Margaret is twenty.

  3. The Marquis is displeased—he wants cash.

  4. The Marquis is not daunted and charges Sandrina to assure Cecchina that his intentions are serious.

  5. The murder of the Marquis is extremely significant.

  6. The Marquis is fond of the objects in the room, but the waiters push him out.

  7. The Marquis is clean and has a great location, but so very overpriced.

  8. The Marquis is astonished when Félix tells him that the veiled lady is waiting for him in the next room.

  9. The Marquis is enraged but will not have Julien killed.

  10. "The Marquis is always so modest. There it is," said Puss, pointing to a castle on the hill. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have some errands to run."