July 8th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

I'll Huff and I'll Puff and…

gritsnyc writes: "…hie thee and thy lovely boyfriend to NYC for the weekend. I don't think my dad's hurricane is vengeful enough to hit NOLA directly, but hey — any excuse to get y'all up here."

A lovely sentiment, and perhaps even a smarter plan.

But I remember Ivan like it was ooooooonly yesterday…
…[cue fuzzy screen — atonal, chromatic harp arpeggios — fade to Reno]…
Ben: "Honey, look at the TV! There's a hurricane about to hit New Orleans! They're evacuating the city!"

Marquis: "Holy fuck! We have to get home before they close the airport!"

Ben: "But they're evacuating New Orleans."

Marquis: "Yah, and we're in fucking Reno! I've gotta trim back those tree branches by the piano window and move the hoozeewhatchit away from the diddledooganger and tend to the fuzzymuzzywuzzies…"

[15 hours and five airports later, we made it home. Then they closed the airport.]

Okay, yah, New Orleans lucked out with Ivan giving us a miss. It was an exceptionally pleasant day, that day we were doomed to be puffed away. But the point is, I would have plucked my head completely bald being in Reno, not knowing what was happening to my home town, my Clifford, my friends. I'd rather face a bit of danger than implode from the not knowingitude, y'hurdmuh?

Ben, this afternoon: "Maybe we should go to Vegas or someplace for the weekend. If we lose our power, I don't want to sit in a dark house."

Marquis: "I'll take you to the airport."

Ben: "I don't want to go without you."

Marquis: "Maybe you should. You'll just be bitching the whole time if you stay home while I'm running around putting buckets and pots under leaky ceilings."

Ben: "Yah, I will be bitching a lot…"

Stacey. If you want Ben, he's yours.

Me, I'm not budging.

(P.S. The hurricane party we threw at Lounge Lizards for Ivan was one of the happiest afternoons I have ever spent. Cartwheels on deserted Decatur street. No tourists. Ghost town, except for all my friends and their cats nestled securely in the second floor green room. Remember, changingthesky, how you almost got detained by a cop for breaking curfew for walking the two blocks to Lizards? And how glad you were when you finally snuck past the mutherfucker, because it was THAT kind of day? Let's do it again.)