June 19th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.


It's been a truly splendid weekend so far, and only promises to get better, despite this annoying summer cold (annoying paradox in the extreme) that keeps me a little woozy and wobbly and hesitant to drink until my liver oozes out of my ears.

As I believe I mentioned last time, Ben and I took a hotel suite downtown for something different, and easy stumblin's "home" from the French Quarter. Well, okay, that's a weak reason. A cab to Clifford is $6. But you know, sometimes you want a change of pace.

30 seconds after we checked in, there was a knock at the door. A cart had arrived with a large plate of chocolate-covered strawberries and, dribbled in chocolate syrup, "Happy Anniversary!" This was accompanied by a champagne bucket with a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon. [GREAT, HEAVING SIGH!]

Sometimes I love my life.

Had a cigarette on the suite's balcony looking at changingthesky's Place of Earthly Toils, wondering which window was hers. Then Ben and I went to Zoë Bistrot in the W for dinner. Fried green tomatoes Napoléon with portabello and gruyère, among other amuses-bouches.

Sometimes I love my life.

Met with Melinda and London Paul (who, incidentally, is just about one of my favorite people on this little blob of floating dirt) for drinkies and more drinkies after. Konked out relatively early (due to stupid illness) and, after doing things in the hotel suite that should only be done in a hotel suite, slept very well.

Sometimes I love my life.

Yesterday, blew off work. Went to Country Club in the afternoon for a bit of swimming and lazing and socializing.

Sometimes I love my life.

Putzed around with X-Box and kitties in the afternoon. angeliska made an 11th hour call with a generous offer of comped tix to Harry Anderson's new magic show in the old Matador space, which was actually a really, really good show. Thanks, Angel! Took Paul and Melinda on a mini-crawl to Abbey and Lizards, the latter where I met up with Ben who was entertaining Nashvillains. He was stumbling drunk so we stumbled back to the Windsor Court, which was the original point of getting a room withing stumbling distance.

I woke up early, let the poor drunk boy sleep, and am home to take care of a few minor mundanities. Then it's more swimming this afternoon, fancy dress gay pride parade, and low-key partying through the night.

Sometimes I love my life.

Wednesday we're off to Boston and ultimately P-Town to crash with Rickylane and Allison and see what's up with all that.

Sometimes I love my life.

July's got some interesting work trips bubbling up, including, perhaps, a visit to mum, dad, bro, etc.


August is a fucking whirlwind of fantasticness, including jaunts to London, Edinburgh, and Someplace Else — we're still grappling with the various allures of various places. Though now that Violet has invited us to Berlin, where we may then accompany her to Barcelona to meet with Angel...well that doesn't sound half bad. I'm out of absinthe anyway.

just sometimes,
I really do love my life.