June 10th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Tu dit quoi là?

I'm reading a splendid book that ruthlessly bitches about, delves into, and deconstructs corporate middle-management empty-talk and bewails the fact that managerial non-language is spreading its mind-numbing, obfuscating wings across the world, ending up in politics, religion, education, sports, etc., etc.

The dumbing-down of our lovely language has been a point of some concern of mine for a long time. I rue and mourn the loss of poetry in things. Such modes of speaking and writing were not an insignificant factor in why I shall never work in an office again.

Being who I am, I simultaneously laugh at what I fear most. Because it is pathetically ridiculous. Yesterday, I wrote the following piece, which translates to English tidily. Can you guess the meaning of this?

At this present calendar juncture, temporary downtime was implemented with the key goal strategy of enhanced future forward-actions and growth. The leveraging downtime was facilitated by a quadruped, non-human affections enhancing agent, a core asset in the positive-growth paradigm, resulting in total customer satisfaction, both at this time, and in terms of projected outcomes.

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I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

This One's For Kallisti

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Everyone's happy.

From Christy Cane's doll show at Jeanne's shop which I bartended last weekend (and, incidentally, getting really sick from. Because I'm a dork and played 'one for them and one for me' all night on cheap white wine.)

This is Tank Girl. She's quite the hottie.

Kieffisis is such a manly-man Butchy-McButch. Or so he'd like you to think. But he's very delicate and careful with da goils.

Okay, now I feel like one of you dorkybitches who just post pictures of dolls all day. So I'm throwing in my own damn brand of cutsey-wootsie, SO YOU CAN JUST KISS MY BALLS!