May 20th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Thursday Comes But Once a Week

My facial plague has receded. I am not completely well, but well enough for government work (just with a bit less drinking involved).

Pedaled down to the Shamador last night for the Hazard County Girls/Rasputina shew. When I got there shortly after 9, the lovely Rasputina girls were already half-way through their set. Vaht zee phook?

I've only been to the Shamador a few times since it opened under new mgmt., and the reason is that it seems every time I go there, something avoidably unpleasant occurs, for example, starting a rock show at 8pm so that most people who show up at 10 thinking they're early are pretty much S.O.L. for seeing a show.

And, if I may parrot changingthesky's sentiments for a moment, I would much have preferred to watch the show that I paid to see instead of having said show blocked by a huge-ass circular bar smack in the middle of the venue taking all the space! GOD that's a stupid place for that round bar.

Grr. Cranky.

Anyway, the show (what I saw of it) was indeed lovely. The girls were jammin' on dey cellos in rare form, but I wasn't enjoying the show nearly as much as their Howlin' Wolf show because [ahem] — there's not enough room at the Shamador for a packed show and a huge-ass round bar taking up half the space! — [ahem] Yes, bit of a claustrophobe, me.

Fortune smiled when I ran into angeliska who had her own fish to fry on certain subjects and it was decided that she, her chum and I would return to Clifford for black absinthe at midnight in the enchanted fairy-light garden.

Having arrived safely despite a harrowing incident wherein Angel's corset ribbons were devoured by the back tire of her bicycle, it turned out to be a perfectly splendid, rather downshifted and quiet evening, of amiable chatter and the eventual "i-love-you-maaaan's" that follow in the wake of la fée verte — or noire in this case.

I have resolved myself to do two things with more frequency.
  1. Entertain more at night in the garden.
  2. See Angel more.