May 7th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Passion of the Gibson

I realize this post isn't exactly up-to-the-minute in pop culture, but tonight I finally saw Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ."

And I'm confused. Very, very confused.

Among the myriad questions running through my head, the list is topped with: WHY was this made? WHAT the hell is Monsieur Gibson trying to say? What is the point of this film?

I've been to school. I'm a writer. I majored in English. Minored in film. I have neither a narrow mind nor a lack of imagination. I'm all for artistic expression, yada yada yada. I believe that I can usually find the point of what an artist is trying to say, even if I don't like the piece or don't agree with the message.

But I'm utterly at sea on this one.

Please. Someone. Tell me. What is the point of this forensic study?

While I'm no big fan of Mel Gibson, I have the charity to think that he wouldn't play the controversy-for-controversy's-sake card — the lowest of all low money making techniques.

So, honestly, I'm interested, because I can't fathom this film — WHY DID HE MAKE THIS?

(There are now two things in this world that I don't understand. "Passion..." and The Family Circus.)