January 4th, 2005

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Material World (Living In A…)

Two goodies. One baddie.
  1. Ben and I bought a hot tub today. It will be delivered tomorrow afternoon, complete with partial fence removal and rebuilding since Clifford the Big Red House is too big to let a hot tub slink around the side to the Rambling Gahhhden where it will sit under palm fronds like some great, gurgling, pre-historic, perfectly-ph-balanced thing. The Midnight Skinnydipping Escapades begin […clicking stopwatch…] NOW!
  2. There is a Lowe's about to open on Elysian Fields! There is a Lowe's about to open on Elysian Fields! I said there's a Lowe's about to open on Elysian Fields! That means no more angry, trafficky jaunts to the Chalmatian Homo Depot for a 3/8" galvanized nipple and another box of xmas lights! There's a Lowe's opening on Elysian Fields! Good god!
  3. The Rt. Hon. Rev. Rob Price popped round yesterday with X-Box in tow, which resulted in about 10 hours of playing Grand Theft Auto, the which game I had nary laid eyes upon before of to at. It's slightly discomforting how jolly I felt after machete'ing umpty-dozen hookers and stealing their money. Ben and I just got back from Best Buy in Met'ry to get us an X-Box of our very ownsies, but they were sold out due to xmas holiday buying sprees and the imbalanced number of imbalanced suburban psychopaths living in places like Met'ry. Boo.
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