November 4th, 2004

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Re: That Last Entry

Someone wrote in my comments thingy:
"A complete overreaction, Todd. And that's all I'll have to say on the subject as well. By the way, amoralists really should be more careful when they throw around phrases like "inner corruption." It reads a bit like Valmont's praise of sanctity in his letters to Presidente de Tourvel."</blockqutoe>Heh heh. Very nice analogy.

I confess that was a knee-jerk, and badly-composed entry indeed. Quite upset, a bit drunk, and on a hotel dial-up costing $5 a second when I wrote that. None of these are good excuses for bad writing however. Mea culpa maxima, and I wish I could promise it would never happen again.

But you are wrong to call me an amoralist. I needn't expand on the subject, I trust.

In actuality, I should consider myself a Republican. In theory, Republicanism clicks better with my beliefs, my career, and my lifestyle. Now, if we could just get a decent representative for the Republican candidacy, that would be a nice change. I cannot in good conscience endorse a self-serving, idiot puppet.

I am not overreacting to Bush II, Pt. II. I want to marry the person I love. Any previously slow-moving progress toward that goal is now stymied for another four years.

I do not want to see another oil war masquerading as an avuncular, selfless act.

More later when I'm not on this expensive line.