July 28th, 2004

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

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Dusky pre-dawn. I was going to sleep at Ben's last night, but then I realized this would be my last night at Château Bimbeaux. My last night of "bachelorhood," so to speak. My last night of just me and my cat. Through the innumerable vicissitudes, cities, friends, homes, jobs, etc., of the last ten years, the only constant has been my silly little cat.

Midnight, tossing, turning. Found a little group of tiny Guatemalan Worry People that I hadn't packed yet. I assigned three of them tasks and placed them on the sill facing out the bedroom window above my head. Slept immediately, one lazy cat paw over my eye.

The roommates stumbled home around 5am. The tiniest noise was all I needed to wake up.

I sat on the balcony and heard the first birds chirp, watching the sun rise on my 35th year and wondering what this day will bring. I'm taking a leap today, and I don't know what's below me.

I once again recalled the first night chez Bimbeaux, thinking the same types of thoughts, exhausted from the move from Philly back to NOLA, and finding my prophetic skills lacking insofaras what New Orleans, Round II would bring.

It's been a four year rollercoaster full of love, heartache, old friends, family, new friends, great work, inspiration, self-discovery and self-improvement, and, as always, my stupid little cat.

I am optimistic about this next chapter with Ben in Clifford, but I am a blind fortune teller. I have no idea where this will lead us. Which is the best way to go into something. Makes it more exciting, anyway.

Movers should be arriving in half an hour. I'm going to pack the computer. I'll be offline until Clifford's DSL is set up in a few days. If you need me, call me. Peace out.
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