June 21st, 2004

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.


So The Boyfriend has this souped-up coffee maker, right? You, like, push one button and it grinds beans and makes them go to the little beany area and pours you a perfect espresso then scoots the spent bean-pod off into a little compartment and cleans itself up afterwards.

I think I shall call it "THE CAFFEINATOR 2000!!!"

Or you can make cappuccinos with the little foamy milky arm thingy. I'm just that fou-fou, so there I am, making cappuccinos 15 times a day.

Just tried a little experiment and I thought I'd share it with the world — or at least the small number of 'the world' who reads this.

Chocolate milk cappuccino. No, not a mocha you fool! Mochas are for pussies! Merely a cappuccino made with foamy chocolate milk.

It's yummy and most delicious and subtle and chocolatey — just like me! — and I'm never going back. Never, never, ever, ever, nevernever!


And y'know what else? "Monster" was a pretty damn good film.

Hummunah, hummunah, hummunah, SPROINGGG!