June 18th, 2004

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

What A Difference A Day Makes...

Yesterday didn't look busy by my calendar, but at dinner last night I took an inventory of the things that happened and it was quite a big deal. To wit:
  • Up at 7a. Four hours of work.
  • Throughout the following, made "DVD Backups" (huh huh huh) of about 10 discs, each taking 40 minutes or so.
  • Talked to mechanic about my monster who has popped a clutch cable, poor thing.
  • Talked to realtor about myriad house details, further nitpicky negotiations, and subsequent follow-ups with The Boyfriend about new data gathered.
  • Went on an online patio furniture shopping spree, only to realize, damn! Dat shit's 'spensive!
  • Went home to rifle through my files and gather necessary docs for the mortgage lenders. The fax machine was busy yesterday.
  • Both The Boyfriend and I making numerous phone calls pricing home insurance companies. It's amazing how many people will not write a policy for Louisiana — especially New Orleans.
  • Began writing a somewhat heartbroken letter to my Wifelet informing her that I will sadly need a divorce (Napoleonic code and all).
  • An ensuing enlightening, but emotionally draining conversation about that with The Boyfriend regarding his nervousness about the situation and the reasons for my marriage, which I may get into another day. Anyway, trust me, it was a big deal.
  • So much so that I removed my wedding ring and we drew on new temporary ones with a Sharpie.
  • Having recovered from the powerful emotions of all that, The Boyfriend got an unplanned "Hey wazzup?" call from his mother. He proceeded to unexpectedly out himself to her. She was freakin'. He was freakin'. I sat by and held his hand.
  • More subsequent talks about all that.
  • Meeting with an attorney (who made a house call!) about
    1. My divorce.
    2. How to title our house, as if we were married and buying it together.
    3. Draw up wills and power of attorneys.
    4. Endless miscellany.
  • Twenty minutes of lying down on the bed, overwhelmed and exhausted by the day.
  • Dinner with Jeanne at a chi-chi restaurant where we took inventory of the day and commented, simply, "Wow."
  • Did I mention that yesterday was our one year anniversary?
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