April 19th, 2004

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

He's A Worky Ticket

It's a shame I can't write about work, because it's v, v interesting and it's going quite well.

I can write enough about it to say that I am now set up with a little über-chic (to use the Grench term) glass and metal desk in The Boyfriend's office with my own special halogen lamp that looks like a tailfin off a 50s Cadillac and my own special squooshy officey chair with a high back like a throne and wheels that whizzzzz around the hardwood whenever that sort of mood strikes.

Other perks of this office life are:
  1. My own hours.
  2. A cappucino machine in the next room.
  3. A 5 lb. bag of good decaf (because if I drink caffeine, it's like snorting a rail which has just never worked out for me, alas).
  4. Can work in my underwear.
  5. Or less. Hell, it's just my boyfriend in the room.
  6. Drinking on the job. A must for any respectable New Orleanian.
  7. Smoking balcony next to blossoming trees and 8,000,000,000 year old bead-strewn magnolia.
  8. Cat wandering around.
  9. Lunch hour, which goes from about 2p till 8p, and usually involves going naked swimming at the Country Club.
  10. Much travel to extremely exotic places like GULFORT! and BILOXI! and even TUNICA!
  11. Mandatory sexual harrassment from the boss.
  12. No alarm clocks. Ever.
  13. And of course the biggest benefit — I get to work with the bloke with whom of which to what I am in love with at.
Some might think, and rightly so, that it's dangerous to work with your boyfriend. To mix work tensions with lovelife stuff can be volatile. Hell, working with mere friends can put stress on the friendship. But I don't think it's going to be that kind of party. As long as we maintain our levels of respect and professionalism and act like grown-ups and always know when we're on the clock and when we're definitely off, and remember at all times that all things must be negotiable, I don't see us getting too bickery about this iffy mix.

We haven't be-bickered ourselves yet anyway, and it's been many months.

I am in a very glad space. Glad, glad, glad.