February 1st, 2004

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

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All hail changingthesky for donating her old hardcore turntable to yours very truly. I am in the lengthy but enjoyable process of turning my vinyl collection into MP3s. The computer set up to accomplish this task is ridiculously patchwork.

CAUTION: Mega-Geek Talk Ahead

So I had to go out and get a cord from Radio Slack that goes from standard phono output (RCA) to my computer input slot (headphones). The turntable only has RCA outputs however, so I spliced the turntable cords to the cords I bought at Radio Slack, only to find (to my shock and chagrin) that my bitchin' G4 tower has no sound input! What to do!? Well, I guess I need to revive my old G3 Powerbook. Problem is that the Powerbook has no hard drive and the screen is fucked up, although the processor is still functional and the little thing has the audio input jacks that I need. Solution? Boot from a 1 MB Jaz drive with OS8.6 in lieu of a hard drive, after fussing with the screen to make it stop jittering, network to the G4, download the sound editing software and use the two computers in tandem. Feed Hespeth's turntable into the Powerbook using manual gains, set the scratch disk across the network since the Jaz drive is filled with system software, save raw music files across the network to the G4 tower, use more software on the tower to maximize the gain and equalize the bass deficit and save to the proper hard drive, then compress to MP3. PHEW!

It sounds complicated, but it really isn't. It's just plain silly. But it works. And I've spent the last two hours drinking wehrkraft's sake and digitizing my old 80s vinyl treasures including Strawberry Switchblade, obscure B-52's and even more obscure Cure b-sides.

You can judge for yourself if my efforts are in vain. Here is an MP3 of the Cult Heroes (which, as we all know is The Cure in 1976 before they were The Cure) doing "I Dig You." Forgive the pops and crackles. We're working from 30 year old vinyl here people. Cut some slack.

I am going to make Hespeth the ultimate 80s CD compilation when I'm through with this exhaustive project.

Rock and, as they say, roll!
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