January 12th, 2004

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Gonna Zoom-A-Zoom-A-Zoom

Lotsa stuff going on with The Boyfriend.
  • Monday: Fly to Nashville. Dine, drink and debauch with charming Tennesseans.
  • Tuesday: Drive to Memphis. Do all that.
  • Wed–Fri: Drive down along the Mississippi River raping and pillaging the casinos along the way.
  • Fri–Sun: Work in New Orleans and have my little Movie Night. You should come.
  • Following Mon–Thurs: Fly to Reno and do all that.
  • Following Fri–Sun: Fly to Vegas for Patti's wedding at the Graceland Chapel. Discover the seedy underbelly of L.V.
  • Following week: Fly to San Francisco. See dear much missed friends in an empty shell of a city that was once kinda cool.
  • Three weekends away: Fly back to New Orleans for work and, at last, rest.
I'm exhausted just typing it out. The cat eyes me suspiciously, wondering, "Who's my daddy? And why is he never here?"