January 2nd, 2004

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Obligatory New Years Update

Sucked. Sucked ass. Sucked stinking donkey ass. With worms.

The Boyfriend and I took a room at the W Hotel downtown because we thought it would be a nice change to crash in the Quarter in a swanky-pooh-pooh hotel room.

We began the night at Richard and Jonno's absinthe fête (said libation provided by yours truly-ooly-ooly). God damn but was it good to see those boys again, and brush elbows and whatnots with their sparkling, glittery côterie of revelers. Important New Years Resolution: spend more time with them fercryinoutloud!

After midnight, The Boyfriend and I walked through the Marigny into the Quarter which was a chaotic scene of bliss. My lands, but how New Orleans does up New Years right! There is no other place in the world I'd rather be.

Continued our jaunt through the Quarter back to the W where I fell asleep earlyish next to the person I love.

Oh, did I say N.Y.E. sucked? Yes, well, the sucky part was the fever, dizzyness, nausea, headache and all that associated crap that one gets when one is piqueing one's flu. Yes, my little three day cold hit its apex on 12/31. Great. Perfect. Who's the cursed boy!

Spent the next day and a half lying in the W bed, sweating the fever out, drinking gallons of water, and breathing scary, short, rapid little breaths.

Rock n' roll!!!!!!!!!

I'm much better now, thanks for your concern, and ready to go back to work tonight.

And that pretty much sums it all up.

Oh, except for my haircut this morning. First real haircut I've had since 1988. Seriously. I've got a 16" pony tail in an Aveda bag and I'm thinking of things I can do with it. I'm slanting towards mailing it to an acquaintance of mine in Colorado who makes beautiful, creepy dolls and likes to use human hair.