October 29th, 2002

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

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Dreary, chillish, rainy day. Thunder rolls softly from somewhere far away. A day off without a whisper of obligations. Sitting on the balcony drinking hot green/kombucha/ginger/lemon tea, holding my favorite book as if to read it but really just gazing around my quiet, gorgeous neighborhood while the cat skates figure 8's around my ankles, breeping contentedly. Emailing Melusine for her mulled wine recipe — the height of my lofty ambitions today. Keeping one eye out for UPS who should bring my new laser printer today — the happiest days are the ones that bring new computer equipment. Thinking of spending a couple of hours working on the strangely-fingered harmonizing arpeggios of a Rachmaninoff Prélude because it's difficult and quiet…

…just like me!
I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

Fucking Around…

…not in the literal sense, alas. Just really, really, no-but-like-rilllllleeeee enjoying this lazy rainy dumb Tuesday.

Neshenti axed if I could play his cherished Beethoven's 7th, then made an mp3 available on his journal thingy pooh. I wasn't familiar with it, but he's right, it makes a dreary dumb rainy fabulous day a little more faboo.

I'm bored and inspired to return the favor. So may I present, to you high-speed DSL'ers, T1-3'ers, etc., my personal favorite rainy day piece, Saint-Saëns' Piano Concerto #5 in F, 1st mvt. (Too late. Ya missed it.) Spine chilling.

And Saint-Saëns was a bigger misanthrope than even Beethoven, so you know it's gotta be good!

Grab it quick. It won't be there for long. I'm sew stealing server space right now.