October 3rd, 2002

I Will Not Defame New Orleans.

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Lili is no letdown! I've been awake most of the night, listening to my (very mammoth and sturdy) house groan under the pressure of the winds, ears tuned for the sound of breaking glass, wondering what all those thumps from the back of the house are.

As I write this, everything has suddenly stopped. Damn! Just as I was getting ready to make coffee and sit on the stoop under the relative shelter of the upstairs balcony.

We had an immensely enjoyable and impromptu hurricane party till around 2am last night, sitting out on the stoop with beers, rum and root beer schnapps with Pablo, Meism, Nalcée and Tempo, laughing nervously at things to come.

When one laughs, one should always laugh nervously.