Marquis Déjà Dû (marquisdd) wrote,
Marquis Déjà Dû

Just Politics. Feel Free to Skip.

Four days after Katrina fucked off for northern climes, aid is just beginning to arrive.

It's come to the point that even the Major Media, hitherto thought to be tucked cosily in the pockets of conservative Republicans, is asking Federal mucky-mucks quite heatedly, "What the hell with the four days thing?"

I am hardly a political analyst, but the obvious error occurs to me: we don't have leadership in America these days.

If only we had a Clinton, or even a Bush Sr., I strongly believe that the situation would have been assessed and firmly taken grasp of as the shit hit the fan. But what to we get with Dubya? Three days post-Katrina before he aborts his merry holidays in Texas. An afternoon of monkey-marching through Biloxi, and some predictable, rather anæmic orations that amount to, "Yah, something perhaps ought to be done about this."

"Who's to blame?" the Media asks breathlessly.

Who cares! There are other, far more important things to do at this particular moment. Save the poor, hungry, dehydrated stranded. Stop the water flowing through the broken levee. Let into New Orleans to save my fucking kitties. We will have plenty of time — decades, I wager — to play the blame game.

This tragedy is twofold. Katrina was one helluva mean bitch of a storm that ripped the Gulf Coast new orifi without the benefit of any anal lubricant. All cities from Mobile to New Orleans have ceased to exist as we know them. This is a tragedy. But it could have stopped there.

The tragedy continues with adminstrative cockblocking and strategic clusterfuckage. The damage inflicted by Katrina has doubled due to poor planning, lack of organization, and negligent delays on the part of our sainted government.

It would only have been sporting, instead of flying Dubya over New Orleans in his comfy jet, to drop him on Convention Center Blvd. amidst the angry, sick and dying, and let them have some pot shots at him.

In a perfect world…
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