Marquis Déjà Dû (marquisdd) wrote,
Marquis Déjà Dû

Thanks giggleminx!

She just sent me this amazing satellite shot of New Orleans taken yesterday (31 Aug).

You can tell, from a faraway glance, the wet spots and dry spots of New Orleans. Specifically, most river-side stuff seems dry, from the Industrial Canal in the Bywater on up to the 90/Calliope in the Warehouse Dist/Lower Garden. The picture cuts off there, but I think it's fair to assume the Garden Dist. and Uptown are dry as well.

I've put the picture on my server if you'd like to check your area. Here it is.

It's devastating to see so much of my city under water, but I breathe a personal sigh of relief that my neighborhood is dry, and I even managed to zoom in close enough to see that Clifford still has a roof!

Knots are untying in my chest that have been relentless for four days.

It's difficult to sustain extreme tension and emotions that long without respite. I feel like Faye Dunaway.
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