Marquis Déjà Dû (marquisdd) wrote,
Marquis Déjà Dû

It's toomuchfunangie days.

I'm the luckiest boy because I get to see nofunangie twice a week now.

1) The kickoff of the Suvivor Parties at Lounge Lizards — oh my! Never was there such a roomful of bonhomie and excited screaming at a television since — oh, I guess since the last time some little sports program was on. Well, I suppose I now finally know what it's like to watch your favorite sporty-pooh team and cheer at the television, except those people who choose to spend their time indulging in this dubious hobby don't generally have the quarterback of said sports team serving them drinks and giving them the straight dish on what went down. If you're in New Orleans and free on Thursdays at 7:00, I can see no reason why you don't begin attending Angie's show.

2) The kickoff of poker night at Clifford was last night. The day Ben and I bought Clifford, I said, "We really need to have a weekly poker night or something along those lines." This was in August. Better late than never. I attended a poker night at Angie's a month or so ago, lost all my money, made some of it back, and had an unforgettably good time in the process. And some cocktails. Last night chez Clifford was just as jolly, attended by Angie, Keef, Jessica, defenestr8r, her hot g/f Jen, revned, Bobby-Marie, and with a special guest appearance by Starns. I made spinachoniongarlic dip (yoohoo, matel!) and my lucky dip paid off to the tune of about $50! Blingity-bling-blang. Party split up around 3am, leaving Ben a crumpled heap on the bed with Theo (new stray, lost his balls yesterday. The stray, not Ben.) and Pamela, revned and I played in the hottub with Bronson, our inflatable shark (tagged in the store as "36 inches of great white meat!"). I believe everyone had a sufficiently good time to warrant planning this again next week. Let me know if you'd like to come.
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